Around the Green

Forty Years at Forman

After graduating from Forman in 1976, Scott McCarty P’02, P’05, came to work at Forman in 1981. His time at the school can actually be traced back farther, to 1971, when he began his time as a student. Since 1981, Scotty has assumed many roles at Forman, from teacher and dorm parent to soccer coach and Athletic Director. Scott is well respected by his peers and serves on many boards and committees that service soccer and prep school sports initiatives. He is known for his easygoing, approachable manner that also values discipline and responsibility. “Scotty has been a good friend and trusted advisor to me since I arrived at Forman,” says Head of School Adam Man P'15. “No one understands what Forman can do for young people better than Scotty and few people have done more to help us carry out our mission. Congratulations, and thank you, Scotty.”