Around the Green

Josh Lovallo ’23 is a member of Forman’s boatbuilding team and assisted in constructing the 15-foot wooden canvas canoe that is up for auction to support the School’s Extra Mile Fund. 

Josh hand-caned the canoe’s two seats, following a multi-step process. 

“Step one is creating the frame for the seats, and what I need to do for that is to cut four pieces of wood for the frame. Next is to drill about 50 holes for the cane to go through, so it can hold the tension. Step two is putting together the frame and doing the whole caning process,” he says. “The final step is doing a sit test, where I put the seat between two chairs with no support underneath the chair to see if it can hold my weight, so it does not just snap when someone goes to sit in it.”

He says he is happy with the seats, which took about a month to build. 

“I am proud of the work I have done on the seats, and I always impress myself with the finished product,” he says. 

The seats are made using a chestnut weave and a herringbone weave, which Wendy Welshans P’24, Science Teacher and head of Forman’s boatbuilding program, says are hard to master. Welshans adds that Josh is very focused on his work and talented in caning. 

“I taught him how to weave, and now he is teaching other people how to weave,” she says. “His weaves are tight and beautiful, something you would see in a store. He is very good.” 

Josh notes that his grandpa inspired his interest in woodworking at a young age. 

“He was a carpenter, and when I was little, I would hang with him in his workshop. One Christmas, he made my sister and me our very own workbench because he planned on teaching me how to be a carpenter,” Josh says. 

Josh is also a member of the varsity golf team and plans to continue being part of the boatbuilding team next year.