Around the Green

Julia Dunn '22 is a day student and All-Class Speaker. Julia and All-Class President Doug Baker '22 shared uplifting words to the Forman community at last week’s virtual Assembly. During her weekly presentation called “The Week is Dunn,” Julia, while recovering from COVID-19 at home, encouraged her peers to focus on the importance of staying safe and healthy. She recognized their frustrations and shared information from local boarding schools to show that others were going through similar COVID protocols. 

Julia says she tries to stay positive and hopes the community can support each other during this difficult time. 

“I tend to focus on the good things I have and remind myself that things could always be worse,” she says. “It can be hard to stay positive, but reminding yourself that you have made it through all of your hardest days can always be a motivator.” 

When she feels frustrated or stressed, she finds happiness in painting, writing, or watching the sunset. 

“Sunsets always remind me of beautiful endings, so after a long day, it can be nice to be reminded that things can end in great ways,” she says. 

She advises others to find ways to stay positive, too. 

“Remind yourself that you are living [through history] right now. It is not easy to be living in this time, but what you do now will impact so many lives in the future,” she says. “Keep doing the things you love, and maybe even try some new things. You have gotten through this before, and we will again.” 

Julia is grateful to the Forman community for its support and is looking forward to her last months before graduation.  

“Forman has given me a lot of time and space to focus on myself when I needed it the most. They have always been open to me speaking about things that are important to me and never told me no,” she says. “Forman has given me a place to be myself, and I am thankful I have been supported enough to feel like I can be who I want to be.”

She adds, “I am excited to watch myself grow and get excited for college. I want to experience more high school memories and watch my friends become the best version of themselves.” 

After Forman, Julia has big plans. 

“I plan to attend college for forensic psychology,” she says. “I will be focusing on the minds of criminals and trying to figure out the psychological reason for the crime.”