School for Kids with Learning Differences and ADHD

Our Approach is Different Than Other Schools for Kids with Learning differences

Every student at Forman School gains admission to 4-year colleges. Also true: They all have learning differences. How do we do it? In the words of Head of School Adam K. Man, “Forman holds the bar high for students with learning differences, and we give them all the support they need to climb over it.” Forman believes that schools for children with learning differences must raise their standards to help every student succeed.



Forman School’s Academic Values

Academic Excellence

Academics come first at Forman. We offer a mainstream college prep curriculum on par with that at any other independent boarding and day school. Our students are here to learn, and our teachers teach to mastery. That means students stick with a topic or unit until they really get it. We want students to finish every step of their Forman education with a solid grasp, not just a grade. We are proof that schools for kids with ADHD can offer a better education than standard schools.

Great Teaching

Forman teachers are not only subject-area experts who can go into
depth on the material. They are also highly skilled teachers of students with language-based learning differences, ADHD, and executive function deficits. We invest heavily in professional development for our teachers, equipping them to meet LD students exactly where they are. Forman teachers take care to adapt to students’ learning styles and to make meaningful connections between the material and students’ interests, passions, and talents. By finding those points of contact, they can really make concepts stick.

Strong Student-teacher Connections

Forman School students are curious, creative, highly capable learners – some twice exceptional – who are more than able to master everything we teach. Class sizes that average eight students and a 3.5-to-1 student-teacher ratio invite personal attention and individualized instruction. Because we are a boarding and day school, student-teacher interactions extend outside standard classroom hours to Saturday classes and evening study halls proctored by faculty, who also wear hats as coaches and dorm parents. We separate ourselves from other schools for learning differences as we believe seeing each other in multiple contexts strengthens student-teacher bonds, which translates into academic success.

Built-in Support

Unlike a traditional boarding school with a separate learning center, our whole school operates like a learning center. No one gets pulled out for extra help. Instead, support is built in. For example: Courses such as Thinking and Writing and Academic Reading are part of the curriculum. Meetings with a certified learning specialist or executive function coach are worked into every student’s class schedule. All this support has many benefits for students. It raises their awareness of how they learn and how they can learn better. It guides them through every day struggles with tasks like decoding and meeting deadlines. Ultimately, it empowers them to meet their full potential.

Rich Resources and Learning Opportunities

Our inclusive program engages students in everything. Our diverse curriculum – including fascinating flagship programs – keeps students attentive and excited about learning. Our campus has nearly everything to encourage exploration of academic and other interests, from an eco-friendly Science Center with a rain garden to an Ingenuity Lab full of sophisticated tools to arts resources that rival many colleges. We believe that when students are interested, they actively engage. And when students engage, they learn. We look forward to showing you why Forman is the best choice amongst schools for children with learning disabilities.