Forman Diagnostic Center For Individuals With Learning Differences

The Forman Diagnostic Center provides comprehensive evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults to understand each individual’s areas of strength, vulnerabilities, and unique cognitive profile. Our goal is to provide in-depth and user-friendly assessments to both recognize and describe the big picture of how defined skills interact to affect one’s approach to school, work, relationships, social settings, and tasks of everyday living. Taken together, the integration of evaluation results serves to formulate a clear and realistic plan to address areas where individuals experience obstacles that get in the way of their full potential.  

We are excited to offer our expertise in Language-Based Learning Differences, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Executive Functions (EF) to individuals outside of our community. In addition, the Center offers assessment services for concerns regarding anxiety and emotional regulation.

Dr. Maryellen Ruth is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with training concentrations in Neuropsychology and Forensic Psychology. She presently serves as the Director of the Forman Diagnostic Center at Forman School in Litchfield, CT, and owner of Meridian Psychological Consultants, LLC. Prior to joining the Forman community, she was the Director of Diagnostic Services at the Southfield Center for Development in Darien, CT. In her practice, Dr. Ruth provides comprehensive and targeted evaluations, individual psychotherapy, community lectures, and consultation. Dr. Ruth has extensive experience in both private and public settings. She has previously worked within the District of Columbia Public School system, in residential and day treatment programs, in forensic agencies, and at private group practices delivering services to a wide range of populations. Dr. Ruth resides in Litchfield County, CT, with her family.

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Dr. Maryellen Ruth, Director of the Forman Diagnostic Center


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