2021-2022 COVID FAQs


As of September 9th, we are updating our initial COVID-19 protocols for students as they come to campus. Our initial hope was that by requiring everyone to be vaccinated and demonstrating a negative rapid test result upon arrival, that we would have the necessary safeguards in place to keep everyone healthy. However, to address concerns of asymptomatic cases and to prevent breakthrough infections on campus, we are requiring students to be masked inside buildings, with the exception of when they are in their own dormitories and when sitting and eating in the dining hall, by their dorm group. Students are being PCR tested the day after their arrival to campus and we will seek to revise certain protocols after we receive the results of all PCR tests. Please scroll down to read further about our COVID policies and procedures in the Frequently Asked Questions section. 


Forman School requires all students and faculty to be fully vaccinated. This means that students need to be two weeks out from their second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or their single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine upon their arrival date. 

Frequently Asked Questions